Friday, April 15, 2011

The Watcher

The Watcher       

John A. Roof     Oct. 8, 2009

As I warmed my self on this grey day
Concealed behind my cover of lust
My voyeur soul longed to see more
I watched as my lady prepared herself
Her beauty is far more than one can stand
Her emeralds hanging loosely on her body
And her gown of green moving oh so softly
From the gently breath of her lover and master
Begging you to come closer
Her arms in perfect movement to the music
As though conducting Chopin, Bach or some other
And her always pulling at my soul
 Longing for her loving embrace
I know she has such a short time left to change
She will soon expose her gown of gold
Then she will silently lay bare before me at rest
Showing her strength and beautiful form
Me waiting so impatiently for her
To return so I can once again
See her dress before my eyes
And watch her dance to the soft summer music

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